10 Theologically Deep Worship Songs That Are Not “In Christ Alone”

ReadingMindsDid you know I can read minds?  Yup, I really can.  I can tell you what people are going to say before they even say it.

Of course my powers are very limited.  In fact my mind reading ability is limited to only a specific type of person when asked a single specific question.  But every time that question is asked of that person I know exactly what they’re going to say before they do.  It usually goes something like this… Continue reading

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Introduction to Worship Leading Class: Video 2 The Worship Hymnal – Choosing Songs for Repertoire

Here’s the second session of my introduction to worship leading class.  In this video we talk about why intentionally maintaining a worship repertoire is important and how to choose songs for your repertoire.  Enjoy!

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Introduction to Worship Leading Class: Video 1 A Theology of Worship

I’ve recently just started teaching a class on worship leading at my church that covers my approach to different aspects of worship leadership.  I’m recording all the sessions and will post them here each week.

The first class is on worship theology.  Enjoy!

Note: The video cuts out just before the end of the last slide.  Here is the full content of that last slide.

1.) Leading worship well means preparing ourselves spiritually and musically
2.) We are not in control of the presence of God in worship
3.) We need to choose songs and service elements that will aid people in their spiritual walk
4.) Worship must be accessible to people from every background (multigenerational, cultural, socio-economic, etc.)
5.) We need to sing both old and new songs
6.) Our job as worship leaders is to help people engage

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Worship Tips Wednesday: 5 Tips For Bassists

One of the most interesting tv shows of the early 1970s, “The Partridge Family” featured a group of actors who pretended to sing and play music that was actually performed by professional studio musicians (with the exception of David Cassidy of course).  The problem was without any musical training the actors had trouble convincingly selling the fantasy that they were really playing and recording the songs that won them a grammy in 1971.

Partridge_Family_first_cast_1970This was most apparent in a backstage exchange between a young Danny Bonaduce (who played Danny Partridge) and David Cassidy (who played the eldest Keith Partridge).  Danny was the Bass player  on the show, but didn’t understand the difference between the various types of guitars.  After several episodes of playing his fake instrument the wrong way, David took him aside and said,

“Danny, it’s a bass.  You don’t strum it, you pluck it!”

So now that we’re clear that you don’t strum a bass, here are 5 more tips for worship bass players:

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Worship Tips Wednesday: 5 Tips for Drummers

Legend has it that once after Rich Mullins had just finished a worship concert a fan came up to him to share about his experience as part of the audience.  This particular fan raved about Rich’s music and then went on to describe how he could feel the exact moment the Holy Spirit made his presence known in the room.  To which Mr. Mullins replied, “No, you just heard the drums come in.”

The_Donnas_by_angela_n_01Without getting into some of the controversial issues surrounding the connection between emotions and the supernatural reality of worship (I’ll save that for a later post), I think we can all agree that it’s hard to imagine the CCM landscape today without drums in the mix (pun intended). They provide the musical foundation that all the other instruments build on, which means they can make or break the sound of a worship team.

So if you’re a drummer how do you ensure you’re doing the “making” instead of the “breaking”?  Here are 5 tips to help drummers effectively fill their role in the band:

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The Worst Trend In Contemporary Worship

Starfield_bandA couple of years ago my brother and I were attending a worship conference together.  As usual at these types of conferences every night ended with a worship concert featuring well known and up-and-coming worship artists.  After the concert on the second night we were leaving the church when he turned and asked me a question.

“Have you noticed that all the worship teams we’ve seen so far are made up entirely of young, attractive musicians?”

I replied, “I was just thinking the exact same thing.  It’s actually a little unsettling.”

We went on to talk through some of the similarities we noticed about these teams.  Everyone was in their early to mid twenties.  All the women were attractive, and the vast majority were blonde.  The men were all stylishly dressed and good looking.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being young, attractive and stylish and leading worship.  It make sense that at least a few of the musicians would fit this description.  But the problem was it wasn’t just a few people; it was every team member, across several different worship bands.  This experience my brother and I had reflects a deeper trend I’ve noticed in certain sections of the worship world.

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Album Review: “The Depth of Your Love” by Sixteen Cities

Sixteen Cities The Depth of Your LoveOne of the things I love about looking for new worship music to introduce to my congregation is coming across bands I was previously unaware of that are producing solid worship music.  Sixteen Cities is just such a band.  Originally from Seattle, Washington, the band now leads worship at “The Heights Baptist Church” in Dallas, Texas.

Their latest album is The Depth of Your Loveand you can read my review of it below:

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